ASAP West Richland
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Our Leadership Team

George Hagen

President for ASAP.  

I am a relative new comer to the rescue world. Actually, until a friend of mine asked me to help with ASAP I had never thought about volunteering with dogs and cats. I have volunteered with        horses in the past. I just know that since I started most days my heart sings when we are able to help a dog or cat
find a home or get them out of a bad situation. It seems to fill a whole in my heart this work that I am a part of.


Ruth Luchi

Vice President for ASAP. 

I have been involved in animal rescue since 2002, getting started by finding 6 week old kittens in my yard. Rescue was full so I became a foster, my son and I fostered several hundred kittens/cats. It is very rewarding to help an animal. After moving back to the Tri-cities after retiring I discovered  Adopt Shelter Animal Pets while shopping in Petco while my new rescue dog was being groomed. A year later,
retirement has a new look as rescue work does not take a day off. I work with the dogs and calls come in daily of a dog in need, off I go to find a foster and get the dog out of whatever situation it has found itself in. Dogs truly do love their rescuers, they remember you when you see them later on after being adopted, tails wag and lots of kisses are shared, wonderful to see that tail wag and the dog is happy with their new families. We invite you to join us in all the love our cats and dogs share freely with each of us daily.


Amanda Muenks

Bookkeeper/Treasurer for ASAP

My involvement with ASAP started innocently enough 5 years ago, answering a call for fosters as it was two days before Thanksgiving Weekend. Temperatures were in the teens and West Richland Police Department's kennels for unclaimed pets are outside and unheated. There were several dogs that needed fosters just for the weekend. My husband always points out I am the one in the relationship that always brings animals home, staying true to my nature I did just that,bringing two dogs home, 5 years later we still have one of the two original foster dogs, who is a big part of our family. These days our family specializes more in cat fostering, and I volunteered to take the reigns as Treasurer, to do what I can to continue the original founders of ASAP's mission, to help Adopt Shelter Animal Pets. 


Michelle Inserra

Outreach Coordinator for ASAP. 

Michelle has owned animals all of her life. She was on a Humane Society for 6 years as a Board member prior to coming to ASAP.